About Me

I am a contract assistant professor at the University of Minnesota at the Institute of Linguistics, specializing in comparative syntax, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition. I am also a Faculty Affiliate of the University of Minnesota Center for Cognitive Sciences.

Apart from linguistics, I pass my time reading, doing nerd stuff, attending shows, being active, and entertaining my cat Ernie.


04/17/2018. On the road again! Check out my WCCFL 36 talk How to Make a Pronoun Resumptive at UCLA. Then, I'll be in Chicago, giving an invited talk at Northwestern, entitled Who are YOU to Judge?, and followed by a talk and a poster at CLS 54The Real-Time Status of Semantic Exceptions to the Adjunct Island Constraint, and Testing the Real-Time Status of Covert Movement of Wh-operators and QPs in English! Slides and posters soon available on the Papers tab.

04/06/2018. Borui Zhang's and my paper on the distribution of wh-in-situ on Newari, to appear in the LSA proceedings, can be found here!

03/19/2018. We had a fantastic time at CUNY 2018! Thanks for hosting us, UC: Davis! See you again in Boulder, CO. Our posters can be found on the Papers tab.

03/02/2018. Our lab strikes again! We'll be presenting a talk and a poster at CLS 37 at University of Chicago!
  • Kohrt, Annika, Trey Sorensen, Dustin A. Chacón. 'Real Time Status of Semantic Exceptions to the Adjunct Island Constraint' (talk)
  • Kraft, Austin, Jon Coltz, Dustin A. Chacón. 'Testing the real-time status of covert movement of wh-operators and QPs in English' (poster)
02/08/2018. I'll be giving a talk at WCCFL 36 at UCLA, entitled "How to Make a Pronoun Resumptive"! 

01/29/2018. Congratulations to undergrad Peter O'Neill, who just won a URS award to investigate the processing of apparent coordinate-structure constraint violations!

01/11/2018. The Minnesota Syntax & Psycholinguistics lab had 4 submissions accepted as posters to the 2018 CUNY conference on sentence processing!:
  • Chacón, Dustin A. 'Minding the gap? (Some) conditions on resumption in English'
  • Chacón, Dustin A. 'Attraction is subjective: Agreement Attraction and Default Agreement'
  • Kohrt, Annika, Trey Sorensen, Dustin A. Chacón. 'Constructing Filler-gap Dependencies into Adjunct Clauses'
  • Christensen, Mary, Dustin A. Chacón. 'Determining obligatory in Spanish WH-extraction.