Recent/Upcoming Presentations

Chacón, Dustin A. Who are you to judge?. Invited Talk at Northwestern University.

Kohrt, Annika, Trey Sorensen, Dustin A. Chacón. The Real-Time Status of Semantic Exceptions to the Adjunct Island Constraint. Talk presented at CLS 37. [abstract] [pdf[draft]

Kraft, Austin, Jon Coltz, Dustin A Chacón. Testing the Real-Time Status of Covert Movement of Wh-operators and QPs in English. Poster presented at CLS 37. [pdf]

Chacón, Dustin A. How To Make a Pronoun Resumptive. Talk presented at WCCFL 36. [pdf]

Chacón, Dustin A. Minding the gap? (Some) conditions on resumption in English. Poster presented at CUNY 31. [abstract] [pdf]

Chacón, Dustin A. Attraction is subjective: Agreement Attraction and Default Agreement. 
Poster presented at CUNY 31. [abstract] [pdf]

Kohrt, Annika, Trey Sorensen, Dustin A. Chacón. Constructing filler-gap dependencies into adjunct clauses. 
Poster presented at CUNY 31. [abstract] [pdf]

Christensen, Mary, Dustin A. Chacón. Determining obligatory in Spanish WH-extraction. 
Poster presented at CUNY 31. [abstract] [pdf]

Zhang, Borui, Dustin A. Chacón. Embedding, Covert Movement, and Intervention in Kathmandu Newari. Talk presented at 2018 LSA Meeting. [handout]


Chacón, Dustin A., Shota Momma, and Colin Phillips. 2016. Linguistic representations and memory architectures: The devil is in the details. Brain and Behavioral Sciences. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A., Mashrur Imtiaz, Shirsho Dasgupta, Sikder Monoare Murshed, Mina Dan, and Colin Phillips. 2016. Locality and active dependency formation in Bangla. Frontiers in Psychology. [link] [pdf]

Chacón, Dustin A. Head movement in the Bangla DP. 2011. Journal of South Asian Linguistics 4(1), pp. 3–25. [link]

Pakhomov, Serguei V.S., Jeanette Gundel, Dustin Chacón, and Mark Wicklund. 2010. Computerized assessment of syntactic complexity in Alzheimer's Disease: A case study of Iris Murdoch's writings. Behavior Research Methods 43(1), pp. 136–144. [link]

Pakhomov, Serguei V.S., Glenn Smith, Dustin Chacón, Yara Feliciano, Neill Graff-Radford, Richard Casselli, and David S. Knopman. 2010. Computerized analysis of speech and language to identify psycholinguistic correlates of frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology 23(3), pp. 165–177. [link]


Chacón, Dustin A., Colin Phillips. Minding The Gap?: Mechanisms Underlying Resumption in English. [available on request]

Chacón, Dustin A., Michael Fetters, Margaret Kandel, Eric Pelzl, and Colin Phillips. Indirect learning and the that-trace effect. [available on request]

Books and Chapters

Conners, Thomas J., Dustin A. Chacón. 2015. Syntax, in David (2015).

David, Anne Boyle. Descriptive Grammar of Bangla, eds. Thomas J. Conners and Dustin A. Chacón. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. [link]


Kohrt, Annika, Trey Sorensen, Dustin A. Chacón. 2018, to be submitted. The real-time status of semantic exceptions to the adjunct island constraint. [draft]

Zhang, Borui, Dustin A. Chacón. 2018. Embedding, Covert Movement, and Intervention in Kathmandu Newari. Proceedings of the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America[link]

LaTerza, Chris, Dustin Chacón, Jen Johnson, Ruth Kramer, and Morgan Rood. 2014. Plural shifted indexicals are plural: Evidence from Amharic. Proceedings of NELS 44(2), pp. 259–270. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A., Jen Johnson, Ruth Kramer, Chris LaTerza, Morgan Rood. 2013. New Puzzles for Shifting Indexical: An Amharic Case Study. Proceedings of ACAL 44, pp. 158–164. [link]